Metaclasıc-go Play2earn game

 MetaClasic-Go is a Metaclassic Token-based game developed to be among the Play to Earn games.

You can have the characters to be used in the game.

Contract Adress: 0x9ac3C8045Be80069E49A7D08aB87D06bc94e58d8

Marketing :  marketing@metaclasic.com
Contact :  admin@metaclasic.com

What ıs nft

You can have characters with different characteristics in the game. You can develop your characters and sell them in the Metaclasic NFT Market.

socıal medıa

Road map

With help from our teams contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve


Metaclasic Smart Contract Launched

Binance Smart Chain

Design tokenomics

Lıstıng perıod

Launch website

Engage Play-to-Earn community and Strategic partners

Social Awareness and Channel Development


game launch

Starter Lunc Burn

Huge Marketing Activities



Lunc Burn

10 Million mcap

Mobile game development and launch

Staking and Invite System live

5000 Holders

Coinmarketcap Listing

Coingecko Listing

NFT launch

Lunc Burn

CEX Listing

50million mcap

10.000 Holders

Equipment NFT launch

Official game launch (Free-to-play for everyone)

NFT Market

Lunc Burn

CEX Listing

Start NFT Market

Play to earn tournament (Grand Prize)

Initial Token Distribution
Total Supply :


Frequently Asked Questıons

Frequently asked questions and answers about the Metaclasic game.

Where will the produced NFTs be used?

NFT holders will start with an advantage when the game starts. Each nft character has special abilities. NFT holders will be able to receive transfer offers from other teams.
In the future, it will be possible to stake with NFT. Staking start date is indicated on the roadmap.

What specifically are NFTs?

NFT characters have their own characteristics. You can see the properties of the NFT character on the detail page.

When will the metaclassic-go game start. How will the earnings for the game be.

The game start date is indicated on the roadmap. We recommend that you review the Roadmap page.
Earnings on the game V.s. will be in the form. The winning player will be the owner of the prize MTCs accumulated in the safe.

When will the tournaments start? What kind of tournaments will be held?

Tournament start dates will be announced on our social media accounts.

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